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The images displayed were captured by Laurie Cohen – the founder, guide and instructor of Barcelona Photography Tour & Israel Photography Tour. Photography enthusiasts can browse the categories and glimpse the type of locations and scenes that unfold on our private photo tours and international photography workshops. Our aim is to raise awareness and inspire fellow photographers on their own photographic journey.

The images have been divided into 3 categories that cover the majority of our guests’ preferred photographic genres: Portraits, Travel, & Street Photography. Laurie has been working in the photography industry for 3 decades, and his photo workshop locations include Spain, Israel, Morocco, Jordan, India, Greece, Uzbekistan, France and the U.K. From architectural photography, to landscapes, to story – telling images in environmental portraiture and street photography, our bespoke itineraries are carefully designed for the individual in order to create photographic opportunities in the most stunning locations and during optimal lighting conditions.